Body Parts To Target During Erotic Massage

When it comes to give erotic massage, you should not think that the only place to target is the penis in order to arouse the man. The penis is just a small part when it comes to the sensation. You should experiment on all places in order to find out which part that can send the boy over an edge.

• The chest hair

If the man you are with has the chest hair, then it is better playing with it. The area looks sensitive than what you may think and he is going to love it when you have your fingers pass through it. Pulling on the chest hair, it will stimulate the nerve ending and it will give the feel of stingy hair pulling. This can be done at the head also starting on the back of the neck.

• A third eye

This is the pressure point found at a middle of a forehead and putting the pressure on it using the thumb for up to 60 seconds, it does help in reliving the tension of the partner.

• A root of a penis

Penis feels sensitive as a whole part. However, you can pay more attention at the root of the penis. This is an area which is known and when you have mastered the technique, it is going to be heaven. You should massage the place where balls do connect at the perineum and in order to do this, you should cup the balls in the hand by the use of the fingers and face the butt. You can use different sensations like kneading, pressing in a rhythm and tickling.

• The Head

The top of the head can be touched only by the hair brush, when you are behind your man, you can run the fingers on the scalp. If he likes this, you should add some slight pressure at the scalp using circular motions. He will feel whole when he relaxes in the hands and you can play tenderly while holding the cranium.

• The prostate

This can seem as if it is weird, but you can try it. This is a gland that it is in the walnut shaped and it does produce the liquid used in ejaculation. In order to work on the prostate, you should lubricate the finger and then use it on the rectum of the man. You can crook the finger if you want to get the best spot. You may find the toys that you can use as a prostate massage.

• Temples

When you put the pressure at the third eye, you should also massage the temples when you rotate the fingers in a circular, sensual and slow movement. It will remove all the tension and it leads to the sexual excitement. The man is also going to relish all the intimacy level when you explore the face.

• Facial bones

Many people will carry the tension and the stress on the neck and the heads. You can lay the head on the lap and when the neck is comfortable. When you use a light but a continuous touch, it can make someone to have electric response.

• Inner thighs

You will have found out that if you are playing alone, then the inner thighs will be having high sensitivity, this is the same with your man.

• The foot

Everyone likes to enjoy a foot rub. Massage girls can twist the knuckles on the ball of a foot and to release the tension. When you go slowly when a foot is stretched back, you can then feel or hear a wave of the cracking under the skin.

Other places are shoulder, clavicle, nipples breast bone and armpit among others.