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I am Elizabeth a Massage Therapist.
I am in London, Bayswater every month 2-3 weeks and I work in my nice, quiet and peacefulI home. I offer Swedish relaxing massage in a friendly environment as well as sensual erotic massage. When I am here, I work every day from 10am to 9pm. You can check on this site when I am in London.
Please, call me and make a booking.

My Story

Passion drives you to do something that appeals to you, something that completes you and makes you feel whole. There are a lot of people out there who are stuck in jobs that they do not love, just because they need to make ends meet, or for some other reason, like the fear of the unknown. This was the person I was back in the day, but my life took an interesting turn.

I have always been a fun loving person. I cannot remember the last time I had an encounter that was not fun. I try to live my life to the maximum, because we only have one life to live, right? Living in Bristol taught me a lot. I was born and raised in Bristol, though I have pretty much lived all over the place. I have traveled a lot all through the country and beyond.

When I started out as an escort in Bristol, I was looking for an opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, and more importantly, have as much fun while at it as possible. Indeed, I was afraid. Meeting strangers and hoping to have a good time is intense. There are different personalities of people that I have come to interact with, men and women alike.

There are people who showed me a good time and we had a very good time together, then there are some whose experiences were too formal, but we still had some fun. However, when I became an escort, I knew this was not the end, but a means to what I really wanted to do.

I have always been thrilled by the allure of being a masseuse. The thought of using my touch to ease someone’s pain really gives me satisfaction. You lie down and I work my hands over your body until all your stress eases away at the end of a long day at work. This is what I wanted to do with my life.

Throughout my experience as an escort, I would offer massage services to some of my clients, and I loved the satisfaction in their faces when I was through. Some would even sleep peacefully after that, and some even mentioned I had a talent for it. Eventually, I followed through my passions and became a masseuse. From humble beginnings, I have at least come so far. I know I still have a long way to go, and will work so hard to get there.

I have come so far, and I cannot help but appreciate the different challenges I have had to overcome in life. The challenges made me stronger, they made me the person I am today. If I look back, perhaps there are one or two things that I could have done better to get to the position.

I am in today faster. I was younger, probably did not know much about life, but experience has taught me so much, but one thing that I know for sure, is that I have no regrets whatsoever.

My name is Elizabeth from Bristol, and this is my story.